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Group Fitness

Our small group training helps you tone up, lose weight, increase your energy, and feel great. 

Cratos group fitness is a one-of-a-kind service that helps people tone up, lose weight, feel great and have more energy. The culture of Cratos is to workout with a professional and motivational trainer in an upscale setting with upbeat music to inspire you to do your best.


We offer metabolism boosting workouts with:

A variety of workouts including strength, toning, cardio, yoga, and stretching

Challenging, results-oriented sessions catered to meet the abilities of each member of the group

 Option to form your own workout group with friends and family, or join one of our current groups

Free consultation and a personal health coach for nutrition

State of the art heart rate monitoring system to track zones, calorie burn and max effort both inside and outside the facility

Professional staff with national certifications and degrees in their field

Stop wishing and start doing

You showed up! That’s the first step.
Now let us help you tackle the rest. Book your free session now!  

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