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Private Training

Whether you are a busy executive, mom on the move, retiree, or aspiring athlete, each session is tailored to your fitness goals.

At Cratos we take great pride in our one-on-one programs. You will be guided through safe, results-oriented workouts in our private, upscale setting with motivated trainers who want to keep you at the top of your game. A variety of workouts are incorporated, including toning, cardio, yoga and stretching - all tailored to your specific interests.

Other services in our personal training program include:

A comprehensive consultation with health history and functional assessment

Challenging, results-oriented sessions adapted for people of all ages and abilities

Health coaching

for nutrition

Innovative fun workouts in a private, upscale setting

Customized workouts tailored to your specific needs and goals

Professional staff with national certifications and degrees in their field

The hardest part is showing up

You showed up! That’s the first step.
Now let us help you tackle the rest. Book your free session now!  

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